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The novel, Coming Home, just got a terrific review at The Rainbow Hub by Tabitha Beth. CLICK HERE to read it.


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For decades, Audrey and Marni have been a loving couple, their happiness marred only by the hostility of Audrey's son, Richard. When Audrey is rendered silent by a stroke and unable to assert her wishes, Richard assumes power of attorney and banishes Marni from his mother's life. The women long for each other, but since they aren't legally married, Richard can prevent them from being together when they most need one another. With the help of sympathetic relatives, they see each other for brief moments and only from afar. Resuming their life together seems impossible, until a compassionate stranger decides to get involved.

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A Holiday Anthology

Family, happiness, love, presents, joy, snow, and plenty of food – all things that come to mind when we think of the Christmas season, possibly the most wonderful time of the year.

A Christmas anthology of lesbian short stories written by some of the best writers in the business.

Lesbian Halloween Short Stories

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Werewolves, vampires, ghosts, fairies, djinns, goblins, trolls, witches, brownies, banshees—beings that are not of this world. Or maybe they are…

A Halloween anthology of lesbian short stories featuring some of today's best writers.

Bitter Fruit is now available! Click on the links under the cover to the left to get it. Here's the summary:

Fuelled by booze and boredom, Jac Lanier accepts an unusual wager from her best friend. Victoria, for reasons of her own, impulsively challenges Jac to seduce Lauren, her co-worker and a young woman Jac's never met. Under the terms of their bet, Jac has exactly one month to get Lauren into bed or she has to pay up. Though Lauren is straight and engaged, Jac begins her campaign confident that she'll win the bet. But Jac's forgotten that if you sow an onion seed, you won't harvest a peach. When her plan goes awry, will she reap the bitter fruit of her deception? Or will Lauren turn the tables on the thoughtless gamblers?

Kickers Journey
has just received an amazing review at Lambda Literary.

to check it out.


Above the Tree Line is now available. Click on the links under the cover to the right to get it. Here's the summary:

Liv and Kai, old friends and ex-lovers who own a gift shop together, decide to play hooky on a gorgeous fall day and go for a hike up a nearby mountain. Their day off ends with physical and emotional consequences neither could've foreseen when the mountain they love turns deadly. Can they find their way home together? Or will it all end…above the tree line?

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WALKING THE LABYRINTH, from Ylva Publishing is available.

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More News & Information

The last two years have been full of changes, in both personal and professional respects. My stepdad died in November 2011 after a long battle with Alzheimer's, and my mom moved from our family home of sixty years to a more suitable senior's bungalow. It was a wrenching experience for my family, most particularly my mother, but we've come through to a better place now.

On a professional level, PD Publishing, which I'd been with for many years, sadly announced their closing in December, 2012. I was approached by several publishers interested in re-issuing my previous books, and I chose Ylva, a German-based publisher. It has proven to be an excellent choice as I've very much enjoyed working with publisher, Astrid Ohletz, and editor, Sandra Gerth (aka: the superb, award-winning writer, Jae.) A new novel, Walking the Labyrinth will be released in print and e-formats this summer. Then revised versions of my older novels will be re-issued in print and e-formats. Broken Faith is slated for autumn of 2013, Kicker's Journey for winter, 2013, and Coming Home in spring of 2014. In addition, some of my short stories will be offered for sale as single e-stories.

I'm excited about my future with Ylva, and my work finally being available in e-formats. Though I've been a lifelong addict of print books, I had an amazingly swift conversion when my wife gave me an e-reader three years ago. It's made my life much easier as I no longer have to pack a big box of books to sustain me on my commute between Calgary and Atlanta - a commute which should end in a couple of years as Day reaches retirement and moves north. Life just keeps getting better.

Kicker's Journey won a First Place
Rainbow Award for Excellence
in the Historical Fiction category

Kicker's Journey won a Goldie for Best Historical Romance at the Golden Crown Literary Awards in 2010. My publishers accepted on my behalf.

Great news! Kicker's Journey won a bronze IPPYat the 2010 Independent Publisher Book Awards! In a ceremony in New York in May, the book won the bronze medal in the category of Canada-West: Best Regional Fiction.

A Little Bit About Me
If you're not family or friend, you've probably arrived here because you've read my stories. Perhaps you're looking to see what I've got coming up, or maybe you're just interested in more information about "an accidental author."

I call myself that because unlike many, if not most, authors, I was never possessed of a burning drive to write. I'm still not. A burning drive to read - yes, absolutely, without question - that I have in spades. I can't remember a time when I didn't read. Reading has been my joy, my rock and my solace throughout my life. As a girl, I read while riding my bike to deliver newspapers; I read while on fishing outings with the family - I deliberately didn't bait the hook so fish wouldn't bother me while I sat on the river bank; I read while walking to and from school; I read during recess while all the other little girls were learning to skip, thus forever missing the opportunity to learn how to do double Dutch, though I could turn a mean rope if called upon. In sum, I found there were almost no activities that couldn't be improved with the addition of a book, and that really hasn't changed in my adult years.

So how did I evolve from rabid reader to published author? By accident, of course. Just as I cannot remember a time when I didn't read, I also could not remember a time when I didn't conjure up stories to put myself to sleep at night. Without intervention, however, those stories would never have seen the light of day. My brother-in-law initiated the whole thing when he introduced me to the wonders of the Internet in the late nineties. I gleefully absorbed the many stories and later, newspapers freely available on-line. At the time I was housebound, caring for my late husband who was disabled by MS. Between caregiver duties, it was normal for me to read my days away, only now on-line rather than solely with print books and newspapers.

I also began to tentatively reach out, and met a young woman on-line who, unlike me, couldn't remember a time when she hadn't been driven to write. We became friends, and after we had corresponded for several months, she began to urge me to try my hand at a story. It took her a few more months to convince me, but finally I wrote the first chapter of what would become Coming Home and sent it to her. For almost a year, my young mentor coaxed, cajoled and critiqued until, much to my amazement, I had written a novel-length story. Even then I had no intention of doing anything with it, but once again my friend altered my life as she arranged for it to be posted on-line, where it was noticed and, in the spring of 2000, published.

I'm still not, and never will be, a prolific writer. Unlike my first two novels, which each took about a year to write, my new novel (Kicker's Journey - winter of '08) was four years in the making. Hopefully the next won't take nearly as long, but I make no promises. I did discover early on that writing holds as many pleasures and rewards as reading. Creating characters and plots was something I had done for years inside my head. Moving them onto a page is a very natural, if not always painless, evolution.

The rewards of writing are often intangible, but for me, the greatest 'royalty' of all came when I was assigned an editor for Coming Home in January 2000. In April 2007, that woman, who still edits every word I write, became my wife. I still love reading best, but writing has proven to be one of the great delights of my life. So while I may be an accidental author, I am also a very grateful author.

Lois Cloarec Hart

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